Auto Insurance

Protect more than just the car you drive! You need auto insurance to protect your car, yourself and your passengers while you are driving—even if your car is just parked on Main Street in Celina.

Proper coverage for your auto is very important. Your family needs and financial situation determine the level of car insurance you’ll need. Stammen Insurance can help you make a wise choice and explain all the details and tailor a plan that is perfect for you.

Unfortunately accidents do happen. But with the right agent—like the ones at Stammen Insurance—you’ll be back on the road again, quickly and easily.


Did you know that changes in the amount of time you drive, your age, your vehicle and even how you drive can greatly affect the type of coverage you need? Stammen can help you find coverage that best fits your family or individual needs—whether you live in Celina, St. Henry or Coldwater. LEARN MORE


There are a wide range of discounts available from each individual insurance company. The knowledgeable Stammen Insurance Agents in St.Henry and Celina can sort through ALL of the discounts and find policies that best match your needs and get you great pricing! LEARN MORE

Roadside Assistance

It happens to all of us at the worst time…the warning lights on the dashboard light up like a scoreboard at a Flyers football game, and you are forced to pull over on the side of the highway and watch the white billows of steam pour from under the hood of your overheated car. LEARN MORE

FAQ’s about Auto Insurance

Classic vehicles, teen drivers, bad driving can find the answers here! LEARN MORE

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