Flood Insurance

Did you know that your standard Home Insurance policy does NOT cover flood damage?

Did you know that federal disaster assistance won’t necessarily compensate you for your losses like an insurance policy?

The only way to protect your home from flood damage from heavy rains, tropical storms or hurricanes is to purchase a separate flood policy. Granted, hurricanes and tropical storms rarely flood the lands in Mercer, Auglaize or Darke Counties, but there is always potential for heavy downpours that can overflow small streams and lakes. Flood insurance is only required if the property is located in a high-risk flood plain.

In order to purchase a policy, your township has to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. Contact Stammen Insurance to find out if your community participates and to learn your risk for flooding. Even homes in moderate- or low-risk areas can benefit from flood insurance—anyone can be vulnerable to flooding. You may even qualify for a low-cost policy.

Stammen will help you sort through all the policies and find one that keeps your head above water the next Sandy or Katrina comes for a visit.

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