Home Insurance

Single family home? Yes. Condo? Yes. Mobile home? Yes. Tepee? Well, maybe…

Stammen can provide protection for a wide variety of homes, the possessions inside and even rentals! Our agents can help you sort through all of the specifics of your home to find you affordable insurance to keep you protected in case of fire, theft, vandalism or storm damage.

You’ll sleep soundly at night knowing you’re covered…even in a tepee!

Homeowners Insurance

More than likely, your home is the largest single purchase you will make in your lifetime. It is more than brick, mortar, wood and siding—it represents safety, security, accomplishment and a lifetime of memories. LEARN MORE

Renters Insurance

Even if you rent your home, you own the possessions inside and will want to protect them. LEARN MORE

Condo Insurance

If you own a condo, YOU are responsible for the contents of the condo, not the condo association, should damage occur. LEARN MORE

Mobile Home Insurance

Looking for affordable rates to protect your mobile home? Get great rates, great protection and outstanding customer service from the knowledgeable agents at Stammen Insurance! They’ll help you tailor a policy that protects and replaces your personal belongings and your mobile home in case of disaster—all at a price you can afford. LEARN MORE

Rental Property

These policies are designed for landlords who need to protect the properties they own and want to rent or lease. LEARN MORE

Optional Coverages

Special circumstances require special policies! LEARN MORE

What does your home insurance policy NOT cover?

A standard homeowners insurance policy doesn't cover what you think it does -- not flood or earthquake damage, not stolen or damaged vehicles on your property, not a break in the water service or sewage line and not termites moving in nor pets stolen away. LEARN MORE


There are a wide range of discounts available from each individual insurance company. The knowledgeable Stammen Insurance Agents in St. Henry and Celina can sort through ALL of the discounts and find policies that best match your needs and get you great pricing! LEARN MORE


Learn how to Insure your home properly and what common questions others have had. LEARN MORE

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