Motorcycle Insurance

Love the feel of the open road? Enjoy the freedom that riding a motorcycle brings? Stammen Insurance can protect your favorite ride with coverage for your motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, customized street bike, touring bike or hi-performance cycle. We even cover classic motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, Segways and trikes!


Depending on how much and where you ride your motorcycle, your coverage can vary. Do you only ride your ATV around the farm? Or do you ride your motorcycle to work to Ft. Recovery each day or for work. Maybe you just like to cruise around Grand Lake St. Marys each weekend on your Goldwing. Stammen can help you find coverage that best fits your bike, your driving style and your individual needs, no matter where you ride! LEARN MORE


There are a wide range of discounts available from each individual insurance company. The knowledgeable Stammen Insurance Agents in St.Henry and Celina can sort through ALL of the discounts and find policies that best match your needs and get you great pricing! LEARN MORE

FAQs about Motorcycle Insurance

Got questions about your bike and how its covered....find the answers here! LEARN MORE

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