Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance is about protection the life you’ve worked hard for. When the unexpected happens, are your assets — like your nest egg, your college savings or your home protected?

Personal Umbrella Insurance goes BEYOND typical car insurance and homeowners insurance.

Depending on your needs you could get several million dollars in coverage to protect your assets from:

  • libel, defamation of character, and slander claims
  • incidents that happen in foreign countries
  • legal fees and attorney costs

Personal Umbrella Insurance also extends:

  • home and auto insurance policies
  • boat and RV polices

Its not just for the wealthy, Personal Umbrella Insurance is for everyone!

Let’s say you are in your backyard BBQing some ribs when your grill malfunctions and sparks an explosion in the gas line that not only damages your home, but seriously damages ten of your neighbors’ homes as well. You’re being sued for $1million dollars, but your home owners policy only covers your for $500,000. You are legally responsible for the $500,000 balance and that money will come out of your retirement savings, college savings for your kids or even your home. With Personal Umbrella Insurance, the $500,000 is covered and ALL of your assets are safe.

Your family’s safety and future are precious. Personal Umbrella Insurance policies are one way to keep them safe and financially protected in case of legal action against you or a large judgment.

Call Stammen Insurance to discuss your assets, your lifestyle, your vision for your family’s future and we’ll find you a policy to protect it.

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